About our Indoor Shooting Range

The Range

The backstop is AR-500 steel, capable of absorbing all calibers except .50 BMG.  This means rifles  are welcome as well.  We have 10 lanes, which are each a spacious 4 feet wide.  We utilize a target retrieval system which means your targets will come to you from any distance up to 25 yards away  No down time while others set up targets!

For all of your needs, we offer rentals for an extensive collection of:

Be sure to check out our gun gallery, too! If you have any questions about our products, please call us to find out more.

Range Time

At Hi-Caliber, we believe that shooting should be enjoyed without a ticking clock.  We don’t do hourly rentals.  Instead, your rental fee means that you can shoot all day on one lane.  If you leave and come back the same day, you can resume shooting as soon as a lane becomes available.

Daily: $14.99
Up to 1 additional shooter on the same lane for only  $8.99

Monthly: $49.99
Shoot all you want for one calendar month.

Yearly: $350.00
Shot all you want for one calendar year.

Family: $550.00
Immediate family only. This fee covers one lane.  Non-family members may shoot on the same lane for an additional $8.99 fee

For additional information, please visit our memberships page.

Seniors shoot at 50% off  range time

Ladies get free range time all day

We Will See You on the Range!

Please come join us, we look forward to seeing you at Hi-Caliber, and in the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.